The Golden Age (also known as the Heroic Age, the Empowered Age, or the Caped Age) is a period in human history following the emergence of the world’s first empowered individual, Preceptor, on March 3, 2022, and the social and political changes that the existence of him and his ilk brought about. The term was drawn from classical Greek mythology, denoting an idyllic era of peace.

While the Golden Age brought with it a host of technological, cultural and social advancements, it also ushered in the frightful rise of empowered criminals, or supervillains as they became commonly known. By the early 2030s, in the wake of several atrocities committed by those supervillains, public opposition to empowered individuals culminated in a period of global upheaval known as the Paroxysm, leaving millions dead.

In 2038, the United Nations formed the International Powered Security Agency in response to the increasing amount of catastrophic empowered incidents around the globe. This was seen as necessary in order to regulate what had become a global issue, with the threat of an unprecedented global cataclysm being compared to the threat of MAD during the nuclear arms race of the late Twentieth Century.

The Golden Age is typically regarded as coming to an end by the conclusion of 2050, where colorful Golden Age ‘cape culture’ had been transformed into empowered law enforcement departments. Since then, the term Golden Age is seen as connoting a sense of naivete or optimism and is often used by political groups in a critical sense, seeking to erode empowered security organizations on both the national and global scale.

— Brighton, L., 2061. Collapse and Consequences: A History of the Golden Age. 1st ed. New London: Paradox Press.

‘To preserve is to destroy,’ that is what she taught me. With her lesson, a proof: that love is the most powerful force on our planet, and therefore the most destructive. And The Destroyer went by many names, but I first knew her as Sabra.

— Unknown, classified document

The question ‘what brought us here’ is long and winding and often treacherous.

— Unknown

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