UPDATED 5/8/2018

Q: What happens next?

A: You’ll have to read to find out!

Q: I want to help you out, how can I do that?

A: Vote on TopWebFiction! Leave a review! Spread the word! You can support me financially, if you wish, but the first three points are what I’d prefer.

Q: What’s a Subject chapter and what’s a Source chapter?

A: Essentially, these are interludes or bonuses. Subjects explore other characters who have been mentioned or featured in the chapters, offering perspectives removed from the three protagonists. Source chapters are similar, but they are from the perspective of source documents — emails, book excerpts, transcripts, and the like — and offer insight into various historic moments, events and questions.

Q: Why don’t you offer more Patreon rewards, for example, bonus or early chapters?

A: As some readers may know, initially, I did offer early access to chapters as a Patreon bonus before I ended it early on in the serial’s life. The reason for this is that I had found that the early release chapters had been a source of personal angst. To provide an example of what I mean, these chapters were not final and could be subject to fairly extreme changes between being released to my Patreon following and being uploaded here, albeit rarely. Even so, I was not happy with this as I had not specified that the chapters would be, essentially, WIP.

When it comes to bonus chapters, the idea rams up against my creative process. I am a fairly exacting writer, writing a lot of things in advance and shuffling things around until I’m satisfied. This, of course, makes it difficult to slot in bonus chapters in response to donations or Patreon milestones. In my mind, this results in a few outcomes:

  1. I invent places to slot chapters in, potentially resulting in disruption to the overall narrative.
  2. I withhold chapters from my backlog I’ve already written in the guise of making them bonuses or donation dependent.
  3. I create chapters outside the main narrative just to get some more donations. Essentially, parallel stories that sit outside the main outline.

All of these go up against some combination of my creative process, my personal code of ethics and my general hope for Not All Heroes: that it is available for free to those who wish to read it.

I’ve thought about feedback opportunities (or something like a Discord) but I’m also not too keen on that. I value all of my readers and everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback through the comments and the email listed in the sidebar. Just because someone reads for free doesn’t mean I don’t value their opinion and that is not a message I wish to send.

Essentially, it comes down to a core belief of mine:  I want people who donate money to me to be doing it because they enjoy what I create, not for perks, advantages or bragging rights.

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