Note: This cast list will not contain spoilers. Information will be provided as per the earliest introduction of each character and can be expected to serve as both point of reference and refresher course. Characters and organisations will be added as they are mentioned.

The Animals are an unpowered mercenary group that has been operating for five years. Each member ostensibly takes their name from an animal of the Chinese zodiac. All members of the Animals wear black bodysuits with chrome helmets designed to resemble their animal of choice.

  • Monkey — leader of the Animals and Leopard’s long-time friend, keeps the team together despite clashing personalities. Founded the Animals at the age of 20. Worked previously with the Concordiat.
  • Leopard — nominal second-in-command of the Animals, having been with Monkey since the beginning. Sees his mercenary time as a prelude to becoming a hero, a mental conflict which might reach a boiling point sooner rather than later.
  • Tiger — tough American woman in her late thirties who acts as the muscle of the Animals. Highest kill count of any member of the mercenary unit. Likes to smoke.
  • Snake — one of the older members of the Animals, although she is not given to speaking. Adept scout, tracker, and information hound. Great with a knife, too.
  • Rooster — newer member of the Animals in his twenties who appears to be jockeying for Leopard’s position as 2IC.
  • Wolf — newest member of the Animals who appears to be unable or unwilling to communicate verbally.

Paradigm Denizens
Paradigm City was founded by a group of empowered individuals to serve as a model city for the future. Unfortunately, it has fallen far from that goal. A man-made island in the South Pacific, Paradigm City is home to an extensively multicultural populace, primarily from South-East Asia, the Americas and Africa.

  • Sabra Kasembe — young woman from a poorer section of the city who has jury-rigged her own suit of powered armor in the ideal of being a ‘true’ superhero. 19 years old, Sudanese-Egyptian background. An idealist who craves her next adrenaline high.
  • Pavel Fisher — a grizzled man in his 40s from Eastern Europe who was left crippled after an encounter with a supervillain in his past. Used to go by the title Impel but currently works for a private security company. Has cybernetic hands. Has a cat named Octopus.
  • “Goggles” — A vigilante killer operating in Paradigm City, killing those involved in gang violence. Uses a high-powered sniper rifle. Seemingly Sabra’s personal nemesis.
  • Esmer Kasembe — Sabra’s father. Used to work at one of Paradigm City’s geothermal plants. Originally from Sudan.
  • Farah Kasembe — Sabra’s mother. Works at a hospital. Originally from Egypt.
  • Derrek, Jamar and Hisae — Sabra’s three best friends, all long-term residents of Paradigm City as she is. Only Derrek knows about Sabra’s ‘night job’.
  • Miss Millennium — Fisher’s old superhero team leader, now confined to a hospital bed as a result of the injuries inflicted by the supervillain Panacea in 2041.
  • Taurine — A supervillain who has recently surfaced in Paradigm. She possesses a potent adaptive ability that is tied to her adrenaline and a wealth of battlefield experience. Old nemesis of Pavel Fisher.
  • Warden — One of Sentinel’s capes, Warden notably did not interfere during the SOLAR operation that resulted in Sentinel’s arrest.
  • Redcat, Miss Massacre, Razertazer, Canary Blue — leaders of Paradigm’s West End gangs.
  • Faysal — Paradigm City gunrunner.
  • Gauntlet — Ex-Golden Age superhero with the ability to create technological gauntlets.

Star Patrol
The Star Patrol is the officially recognised government empowered security team of Australia. Deployed to Paradigm City at half-strength to relieve tensions following a SOLAR operation. Members of Star Patrol wear blue and green (and, occasionally, yellow).

  • Great Barrier — Commanding cape of the Star Patrol capes in Paradigm City. Excels at doing more with less but is aware of the tightrope she is walking.
  • Bushranger — Star Patrol cape, wears a helmet and body armor in the style of Ned Kelly. Hates being in Paradigm City.
  • Defenda Eureka — Star Patrol’s most heavily armed cape. Eureka takes to battle in a suit of powered armor and is said to be something of a one-woman army.
  • Doctor Apocaeucalyptus — Overall second-in-command of Star Patrol, Doctor Apocaeucalyptus is seen as Australia’s most potent mind.
  • Southern Cross — Commander of Star Patrol.
  • Anne Zach — Star Patrol member assigned to Paradigm City.
  • Marsuperial — Star Patrol member assigned to Paradigm City.
  • Battler — Star Patrol member assigned to Paradigm City.
  • Echidna Excel — Star Patrol member assigned to Paradigm City.
  • Wedgetail Warrior —  Star Patrol member assigned to Paradigm City.

The International Powered Security Agency is the arm of the United Nations devoted to ensuring worldwide security in the face of empowered threats. Typically, IPSA seeks to promote a peaceful, cooperative approach to empowered individuals. Peacekeeping and disaster relief are within their wheelhouse. Most hero capes and groups are registered with, and regulated by, IPSA.

  • Ironheart — A technological genius, Ironheart takes to battle in the saddle of her custom-built giant mechs. While she is one of IPSA’s more autonomous assets, she is regulated by, and compelled with, a particular treaty. 43, Scottish.
  • Director-General Anderton — the head of the IPSA, regarded as one of the most — if not the most — powerful men in the world.
  • Naemah Al-Fadil — Instructor at the New York Academy

Special Operations Local and Regional. The best of the best. The elite of the United Nations registered capes, granted vast legal powers that match their vast empowered abilities. SOLAR capes wear dark blue and silver/white. Shares a logo with IPSA in general: a globe set within a nsoromma surrounded by a wreath. 

  • SOLARIA — Special Operations Local and Regional Intelligence Analyst. A semi-autonomous AI designed to assist SOLAR operatives in the field and provide battlefield analysis and intelligence.
  • Aegis — Team leader of the SOLAR unit that brought down Sentinel. A career soldier before being inducted into SOLAR, Aegis is linked to a series of horrific events during the African Purges.
  • Anima — Member of Aegis’ SOLAR team. Her file is heavily classified, even beyond the usual protections of SOLAR.
  • Blueshift — Member of Aegis’ SOLAR team. A potent telekinetic whose powers are matched only by his ego.
  • Incarnate — Member of Aegis’ SOLAR team. Incarnate was added to the team following the initial mission to Paradigm City.
  • Chevalier — Member of Aegis’ SOLAR team.

FireWatch International Services
A private security company, FireWatch handles information and intelligence on empowered threats. Typically, FireWatch works contracts with governments and other organizations — however, FireWatch also maintains their own stable of capes to handle things directly if the need arises.

  • Iskandar Asadi — A former cape and Fisher’s manager. Asadi went by the name Desert Raptor.

The Concordiat
A mysterious organization which little is known about. Operates within the boundaries of unconventional morality. Overall goals are unclear and known operations are puzzling. Concordiat capes wear gleaming silver and rich purple — if they’re choosing to be seen, that is.

  • Magnetar — A Concordiat cape with power over magnetic fields.
  • Harbinger — Concordiat cape

The Neo-American Empire
A rogue state, terrorist organization or inheritors of the Golden Age depending on who you talk to, the Neo-American Empire controls significant sections of the American continent. The NAE claims to be creating a utopia with their technological edge, although their methods are critiqued as brutal and authoritarian. Colors are red, gold, black and charcoal.

  • Crusader — A giant in jet-black armor with a massive sword to match, Crusader is one of the most intimidating lieutenants in the Empire. He is closely associated with the Imperial head of the Empire, Consul Durrant.

The Transcended/The Seven
Phenomenally powerful empowered individuals, the Transcended — also referred to as the Seven — are said to be the seven most dangerous individuals on the planet. Who they were prior to gaining their powers, and where they came from, is unknown — as are their plans.

  • The Engineer — [IPSA GenOrd 47: all information classified level Psi.]
  • The Surveyor — [IPSA GenOrd 47: all information classified level Psi.]
  • The Champion — [IPSA GenOrd 47: all information classified level Psi.]
  • The Nightmare King — [IPSA GenOrd 47: all information classified level Psi.]

The United Syndicate
A worldwide criminal organisation. Made up of empowered gangsters, criminals, and anyone who wishes to use their powers for their own gain, including several empowered villains. Democratic by nature, the Syndicate understands that minimising violence results in maximising profit.

  • Gate — One of the lead figures within the United Syndicate, Gate’s power consists of being able to link any two doorways. Has worked previously with the Animals in the past.
  • Fallout — Perhaps the most influential member of the Syndicate, Fallout reigns over their dealings with both powers on the North American continent.
  • Everyman — A Syndicate higher-up with an atypical power, Everyman concerns himself with operations in the battered South American continent.
  • Cinderhowl — A former Golden Age supervillain who narrowly survived the destruction of her lair, Cinderhowl guides the Syndicate operations throughout South-East Asia.
  • Shadow — A member of the Syndicate, mysterious even to his associates.
  • Fungi — A young, hustling member of the Syndicate who manages operations in Australia.

Spartan Company
An empowered mercenary group, Spartan Company model themselves as inheritors of Golden Age heroism: disciplined, noble and always questing. However, the group has been dogged by accusations of brutality and excessive force for much of their existence.

  • Gladius — Member of Spartan Company and husband of Cestus. Can summon a flaming, spectral gladius.
  • Cestus — Member of Spartan Company and wife of Gladius. Her fists can emit concussive force hard enough to blast apart concrete.
  • Invictus — Leader of Spartan Company.
  • Makhaira — Makhaira has a contentious relationship with the rest of Spartan Company. He has left and rejoined the group half a dozen times, and no one is sure if that’s because he was too noble or too brutal.

Hexagon Corporation
The fighting arm of the military-industrial complex, many of Hexagon Corporation’s members make up for their lack of empowered abilities (or their lacking abilities) with cutting-edge technology.

The Promethean Cult
An empowered cult led around the world by their remarkably powerful and supposedly divine oracle. IPSA has a standing order that no one is to interfere or interact with Promethea or her followers.

  • Promethea — The serene head of the cult with a reputation as an oracle of incredible power. However, her reputation is also that of a madwoman who tore out her own eyes shortly after gaining her abilities.

Historical Figures
There are always those who came before. Some good, some bad. All left a mark.

  • Demigod — The first leader of Paradigm City and prominent Golden Age figure. Assassinated ten years ago.
  • Preceptor — The first known empowered individual and hero.
  • Sentinel — Former leader of Paradigm City and prominent advocate of Golden Age policies. Removed by SOLAR on charges of murder and conspiracy. Seen as one of the ‘last, great’ capes. Wore a golden hoplite-style helmet.
  • Panacea — A late Golden Age supervillain. Panacea had the ability to heal any disease and cure any sickness, among many other effects. During the Paroxysm, Panacea went on a destructive rampage across Western Europe before being killed.
  • Bionicus — Golden Age superhero with the ability to alter the biology of himself and others through surgical methods.
  • Doctor Infinity — Golden Age superhero with ‘infinite’ powers.
  • Ironforge — Ironheart’s father and Golden Age superhero. Like her, Ironheart was a technological genius. Killed towards the end of the Golden Age.
  • Lockstep — Golden Age superhero with the ability to fool people into not noticing her, a form of low invisibility. Killed during the Paroxysm.
  • Shadowstep — Golden Age superhero with ‘true’ invisibility. Lockstep’s brother.
  • Marcus Leons — Infamous figure. Unpowered. Assassinated Demigod.
  • Regicide King — bulletsmith turned supervillain. Killed during The Collapse.
  • Tyrant Prime — technological supervillain who attempted to destroy the SHIVA supercomputer
  • Throne — Golden Age superhero, respected for his intelligence as much as his awe-inspiring power.
  • Warlord — Golden Age superhero, a narcissist with a powerful battle machine.
  • Proletarion — Golden Age superhero, fought for the working class.
  • Max-A-Million — Golden Age superhero with the ability to replicate exponentially. Killed by SHIVA.
  • Macroman — Golden Age superhero with the ability to change his size.
  • Adamant Angel — Golden Age superhero with the ability to fly and shield herself in metal plumage. Killed by SHIVA.
  • Royal Flush — Golden Age superhero with the ability to draw a power at random at-will.
  • SHIVA, VISHNU, BRAHMA — three Golden Age supercomputers. Built by an unknown empowered, all three were deactivated following SHIVA’s rampage towards the end of the Golden Age.

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