Not All Heroes concluded on 30/08/2019. The first ‘arc’ – In Sekhmet’s Shadow – is presently being edited and rewritten for more conventional publication as a novel. Thanks for all the support! Follow the blog to be the first to hear of any news.

And, speaking of news…

Presently, the novel is into its third and, hopefully, final draft. All feedback so far is that it is a much stronger version of the same story. As of July 2021, the draft is complete. The plan is to spend the rest of 2021 editing and polishing before querying and pitching from the start of 2022. If you’re an agent or publisher and might be interested in getting first refusal, you can reach me at notallfeedbacks@gmail.com.

13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Super good. I’m a big fan of super hero genre web fictions and this one no exception. I like how it show the darker side of being a hero and that the good guys don’t always win. Please keep it up.

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  2. I was really enjoying this and it just vanished off of WordPress. What the heck! It literally vanished the same time that Sabra’s opponent in chapter 3.8 vanished. Fisher I imagine saved her hide with that new gizmo he purchased. Anyways I hope this returns soon.


    • My apologies! I wasn’t sure anyone was still reading it, and it was something of a psychic drain having this first draft online as I’m working on the third and, hopefully, final version of the story. It’s a much stronger version of the same story, from people who liked the first draft and people who did not. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show it off in early 2021.

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