The Day Has Come

The beast is complete.

Not finished, but complete. This third and final draft of IN SEKHMET’S SHADOW (Not All Heroes #1) constitutes 182,792 words of a 180,000 target. Editing should allow me to bring it down but, even so, it’s only barely over. While I am over my word count, I’ve come in a few weeks under my end of July target, so, apples and oranges. Honestly, it’s a strange feeling. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get things into a state where I’d sit back and go, yes, this is basically it. I say basically because the trick to writing is that the written form doesn’t match what’s in your head, but that can be a good thing, too.

From here, the great works gets much easier.

At this point, all that remains to do is adjust some of the chapters in the first half (some of the Leopard chapters specifically) based on feedback from the first round of reading, and then, with any luck, it’ll be the last time I need to do anything substantive to this beast. It’s done, it’s complete, and hopefully it’s a strong form.

So, much like the previous update, this is the time where I’m seeking beta readers to give feedback. I’m not looking for exhaustive feedback, merely just the impression of readers, and any significant issues that arise, making sure I haven’t missed anything obvious. However, if you wish to provide more feedback than that, then it’ll be appreciated.

If you read the previously released chapters and gave me your email address, I’m likely to tap you on the shoulder over the coming days and ask if you’re still available, but you can always comment here, too.

From here, I have something of a timeline for the rest of 2021.

July: give the draft a polish pass and distribute to beta readers
August through October: Collect feedback and adjust if necessary.
November: hire a professional editor familiar with the market and genre to provide a solid edit.
December: Action whatever changes seem necessary based on their feedback.

Then, come 2022, the plan is to pitch and query, pitch and query, pitch and query, pitch and query, and pitch and query. I’ve also pencilled in a seven figure trilogy book deal and a movie adaptation rights sold same day and to be directed by Zack Snyder and starring Anok Yai. Hey, I’m allowed to dream, right?

As before, feel free to leave a comment before or drop me a line at and I’ll give you the opportunity to read it. Peace and love, and thank you for all the support.

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